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Creator Guidelines

Guidelines for Artwork Contributors

We recognize our social responsibility and adhere to the guidelines we have set up to ensure the smooth operation of our service, either for free or for a fee, as long as you comply with EGAKUBA's terms of use. We aim to make the world a more creator-friendly place where illustrators and cartoonists can easily produce and monetize their work.


The following regulations are based on our guidelines. These regulations are not based on any particular ethics organization, but are guidelines established by the Company based on its own philosophy. It is subject to change at our discretion due to changes in society and the environment. It is not guaranteed to be continuously updated.

Adding age limits and deleting artworks

Our management team will determine whether a work (including text in images and other information associated with the work) is subject to additional age restrictions or deletion. At that time, we will prioritize those works that have provided us with information about them. We may add or delete an entry when confirming the work in question. Also, we may delete your member ID if you commit any of the following prohibited acts or other malicious acts. Please note that we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the reasons for this.

Prohibited actions

Targeted works

This service requires you to check the age limit for works that are inappropriate for people under 18 years old to view. Please be sure to check the age limit for the following works at the time of submission.

Use of submitted work

EGAKUBA uses statistical processing, machine learning and other methods to analyze digital content, user information, behavioral history and other data for recommendations and other promotional purposes.

Banned Works

Any work that conflicts with the following items will be deleted.

(Supplementary Provisions)

Enacted on November 1, 2020