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What EGAKUBA is aiming for

I want to make this fascinating Japanese digital content more accessible.

It all started with personal development for my sister, who is an artist.

We now have a group of like-minded colleagues and we have come up with a concept to improve the development of our services.

The more you submit your work, the happier it will be for the people who draw it.
We want Egakuba to be a platform which is easy to present, to increase your fans through the works, everyone can enjoy seeing works, and fit with the times for artists.

If you would like to work together on development or help with publicity, please contact us at info@egakuba.com.

️Service Overview

we aim to provide an efficient service to post their own work for creators.
EGAKUBA is committed to making every work known and seen by a large number of people while focusing on ease of viewing and other factors.
We're going to keep improving EGAKUBA so that it will not only be more than just a place for people to see works, but also for artists to make money, so we would appreciate your support.

Benefits for viewers

Get inspiration by seeking for creator's work

Users will be able to find their favorite works and easily find their favorite illustrators and cartoonists.

Like interested creators

You can press the like button on the creators' work. By liking, we will try to get reactions to their work.

Some support for creators

The plan is to be able to buy the work you like through EGAKUBA and to support the activity.

The Benefits of Creators

Get your own portfolio

Everybody wants to have their own portfolio.
While maintaining consistency as EGAKUBA, we will continue to devise more creative ways to publish creators' works.

Maximize reactions

Let's create a world where every time you upload your work, the reactions increase.
The number of viewers who see your work on social networking sites will increase. In addition, the recommendation engine will support you to increase the number of points of contact with your work.

Creators by invitation-only

Only those creators who have been invited can submit their work.
In order to create an easy-to-use service for illustrators and cartoonists, we have creators who have already started EGAKUBA invite their trusted creators.

Manager Information


EGAKUBA Corporation

Director of Operations

Norikazu Otsuka

Business Description

Providing services for creators


At 141-0031

7-22-17 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

TOC Building 8F

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